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Understand the Types of Digital Ads Services

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As an entrepreneur, you must be familiar with the term digital marketing. Today, most businesses including small businesses and large businesses do marketing digitally. The reason is that digital marketing strategies are relatively cheaper than marketing through print, radio, or TV. Here are the Digital Ads Services that can be used

Types of Digital Advertising

1. Video Ads

Video ads are the simplest type of digital advertising because they are simply videos that promote your business or products in some way. Video ads can be displayed as a commercial ad before watching another video on social media or other streaming platforms, or integrated as a native Ads digital service or display ad.

The hardest part of video advertising is the time it takes to receive the message you need, introduce your brand, and plan and create a video ad with emotionally engaging music and audio. It takes time, but video ads have proven effective in getting people’s attention.

2. Display Ads

Display ads or display ads are the simplest form of digital advertising and consist mainly of images and text. These usually appear on websites and especially blogs as banners, landing pages, pop-ups, or flash ads. The main difference between display ads and other types is that display ads don’t appear in search results.

Display ads are usually very inexpensive and easy to implement. Digital advertising agencies can use this method for small businesses because these ads can be found almost anywhere on the Internet. This type of digital Ads service is usually just ad space for non-targeted websites, so it doesn’t seem relevant to most users.

3. Narrative Ads

Narrative ads are similar to display ads but are more strategic and targeted in terms of placement and audience targeting. They are registered sponsors integrated into the feed and disguised. Native advertising is used by digital advertising agencies to create advertisements based on an audience’s online habits and history and display advertisements that may be related to them.

Native ads are the least confusing to users, and what they see is most likely related to those ads, which can be a strong reason for digital agencies to use this method. There’s sex. Users often find native ads useful because they are so relevant.

4. Social Media Ads

Responsiveness to a large number of users and target groups has made social media the largest platform for digital advertising. Due to the nature of the platform, many types of digital advertising intersect with social advertising. Many display ads, narrative ads, and even video ads are displayed in this Ads digital service.

There are many types of digital marketing to choose from or pursue. When you want to choose a service, choose according to your needs. whereas if you want to open a service, then you need to choose one of the fields to be occupied in order to facilitate the branding process

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digital agency Jakarta

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