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Unique And Fun, The 5 Ways To Elevate Guest Experience In Uluwatu


At a wedding party, everyone wants to enjoy the occasion. If you are planning for the occasion, remember that your guests are also part of the day. At some point, it is not only about making your dream come true but also making guests enjoy the day. So, what should you do to bring up the experience? Here are some Uluwatu wedding venue ideas you need to try.

Ways To Make Your Guest Enjoy The Party

1. Fun And Games

Creating or adding something fun to your party can help your guests be comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes, couples forget about such a simple aspect of guests’ fun. They only focus on nailing the process and making a beautiful party. But, a simple game such as guessing the music, singer, shoe games, or fun little karaoke section will elevate everyone’s mood.

2. Little One’s Highlight

Don’t forget the young guest that comes with their parents. As a host, ensure you can give equality to them. But not only with snacks. Selecting some unique experiences from a silly prop, indoor games, to ice cream will help avoid the ear-shattering cry. It is also a worthy moment to see them enjoy the day.

3. A Special Favor

A special favor in the Uluwatu wedding venue can be anything. You can set some signature sections that highlight the couple’s specialties, such as using an artistic centerpiece for artisans couple. You can also ask something unique such as asking your best friend to do some performance, which is a special fun favor for your day.

4. A Selfless Officiant

In many cases, giving a selfless officiant action can lead to a very unexpected touching moment. The idea is pretty easy and simple. You might invite some of the most special someone to the party, it can be parents, best friends, or family. Giving them the mic to speak for you will soften the atmosphere and show your connection with everyone.

5. Signature Elements

One of the most popular and easy to do is to use signature elements. The wedding elements mentioned are varying, and you can make some adjustments to give a signature point. It can be the souvenir with your name, welcome bag, signature transportation, or ask Uluwatu wedding venue if they can provide signature foods and drink.

Bringing beauty to a wedding party is not limited to the couple. You need to consider the guest as part of the day. So, elevating their experience will eventually create an eventful moment for your special day. Other than blasting the music and entertainment, some engaging activities such as games, favor, giving signature foods, and many more will be worth the try.

Uluwatu wedding venue

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